Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday's "Seriously?" Sassback - just another reason for me to flip the bird to the world at large...

This spot will be where I get to rant and rave...and I'll try to keep it short so in honor of the first "Seriously?" sassback, here are the top 5 things that really make me stop, cock my head, squint my eyes and say "Seriously?"
1. Have you noticed that the price of everything that might even be remotely related to anything oily or fuel-like has shot through the roof? Seriously, is it necessary to import petroleum from Saudia Arabia for Vaseline?
2. Is anyone else frightened by Magic Erasers? I think that whatever technology they used to create those things must have come from Area 51 thus proving that aliens have crash landed on this planet and we are gleaning their technology and will seriously end up blowing ourselves up.
3. I think the president of the United States should be required to have never made more in his lifetime than the national average of the working person's salary. In other words, Barack and his $4.2 millions and McCain and his x amount of houses would not be eligible, seriously. What the heck do they know about the plight of the majority of the population...and I would like to nominate Farm Girl. I smell a grass roots campaign!!!!!
4. What's with this new animated Star Wars series? I mean, seriously, it's animated, which none of them have ever been and I can't figure out if it's a sequel (what happened next), a prequel (what happened before) a requel (same story, but with more colors) or a seriously-quel (no one cares, this is just another way to bilk money from parents whose children are seriously open to creative marketing.)
5. There's a child at my son's school who is in Kindergarten and has a cell phone. He was overheard telling the teacher that his mom gave it to him so that if he was being upset by the teacher, he could call his mom. Seriously, I will lay you money on the table that kid has tried to speed dial Elmo, Handy Manny and Santa Claus. What does a five year old need with a cell phone, and even worse, what kind of parent would tell their child to call them if the teacher made them mad? Want a picture of your child in about 18 years? Two words...Casey Anthony...seriously!

That's it for today. If I offended you, please post on my page and defend your opinion, but remember, you must defend yourself within the confines of the law.

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FarmGirl said...

Ok...I agree with ALL of this...except nominated me for President. I can't even keep my own life straight, let alone broadcasting crap to thousands of Americans. I think they both suck eggs (like the farm anology!!hee hee) and should buy sweet corn from me....I have it coming out of my ears...get it!! EARS!! Too freakin' funny....can I get a YEE HAW!!! (BTW who is Handy Manny??? Is it one of the Yips from Sesame Street?? SEriously, I don't have a clue...)